Birth totem's

First I would like to cover Birth totem animals. As with a zodiac sign, each of us also have a Birth Totem Animal. There are also important MOON times that go with these. I encourage you all to study about your Birth Totem and get to know it well. Your Birth Totem just as all the other Animal Totem's chose you. Some have the conception that we choose our totem animals but we don't, they choose us. We can however call to them and get to know which of them choose to be known to us at that particular time. There is a meditation process that get you through this that I may discuss at a later time. To start though, below is a list of dates that go with Birth Totem Animals as well as the Moon time.

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                            Birthday                                                                                          Birth Totem                                                                          Moon

December 22 - January 19                                          Snow Goose                                         Earth Renewal

January 20 - February 18                                             Otter                                                  Rest & Cleansing
February19 - March 20                                                Wolf                                                      Big Winds
March 21 - April 19                                                     Falcon                                                   Budding Trees
April 20 - May 20                                                         Beaver                                                  Frogs Return
May 21 - June 20                                                        Deer                                                       Corn Planting
June 21 - July 22                                                       Woodpecker                                          Strong Sun
July 23 - August 22                                                  Salmon                                                   Ripe Berries
August 23 - September 22                                      Bear                                                        Harvest
September 23 - October 23                                    Crow                                                       Ducks Fly
October 24 - November 21                                     Snake                                                     Freeze Up
November 22 - December 21                                Owl                                                        Long Snows