Different Tribe Pipes


                                                                                               Pipe Dreams

There are many styles of pipes for ceremony. The first Blackfoot pipes were straight.
The straight pipe is the oldest form of the tobacco pipe bowl known to Blackfoot traditions. Its relative antiquity is attested by the facts that the straight pipe is the only form referred to in tribal mythology, that it could have been made with stone tools more easily than other known Blackfoot pipe bowl forms, and that it has survived only in the ceremonial contexts of sacred bundles. Probably the straight pipe bowl was smoked most commonly while fitted to a fairly short willow or rosewood stem, which was split longitudinally, the pith removed, and the two pieces glued together and tightly bound with sinew.
The two known examples of Blackfoot straight pipes differ markedly from each other in form. One has a rather bulbous bowl with a constricted neck at the stem. The other has slightly curved sides with a collar at the stem end. Both forms were found among other tribes, the former among the Shoshoni as early as 1805 (as demonstrated by Lewis and Clark data), and the latter among the Crow Indians in the 19th century (as illustrated by the specimens from pipe-holder's bundles). Data are insufficient to indicate that the Blackfoot favored either form of straight pipe, or to make possible the positive indentification of straight pipes found archeologically as of Blackfoot origin.
The Modified Micmac pipe bowl appears to have been made by Blackfoot pipemakers only within the period that metal tools have been available to them.
Homentocweasa Oho
~Desert Wolf ~