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The Quiet Listeners - Healing Poem More Inspiration Solutions
A Poem from Syringe, by Laura Foley (Star Meadow Press, 2006).
Do you get enough nature? Many of us are suffering from what one author calls "Nature Deficit Disorder." Because we are evolved to spend time in nature, when we can't get enough of it, we get tense, stressed, and depressed. This poem is a beautiful antidote, a reminder of the natural spirit world that is waiting for us. Simply reading it will calm you and nourish your soul.

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Share it with a friend who needs a serene nature-break, or just enjoy it yourself. Read the poem here.
The Quiet Listeners
by Laura Foley
Go into the woods
and tell your story
to the trees.
They are wise
standing in their folds of silence
among white crystals of rock
and dying limbs.
And they have time.
Time for the swaying of leaves,
the floating down,
the dust.
They have time for gathering
and holding the earth about their feet.
Do this.
It is something I have learned.
How they will bend down to you
so softly.
They will bend down to you
and listen.
Cherokee Animal Wisdom for Your Path
More Inspiration Solutions Adapted from The Cherokee Full Circle, by J.T. Garrett and Michael Tlanusta Garrett (Inner Traditions, 2002).
According to the ancient belief system of the Cherokee Native American people, each direction has a guardian animal spirit that brings us wisdom, lessons, and life-learning.

When we look at each of the four directions from the perspective of its animal guide and the teachings it brings, we connect deeply with the particular path we are walking at the moment. Which path are you on now? What does the animal of that direction have to show you? Find out here:
East: Path of the Sun--EAGLE
Spiritual aspect of living that is a part of both personal truths and interpersonal experiences.
Eagle teaches us strength and commitment to family in the direction of the East.
South: Path of Peace--RABBIT
Natural way of youthful innocence represented by curiosity, playfulness, and innovation or creativity.
Rabbit teaches us that we only fool ourselves with our foolishness. The key is to learn to play fair and share our gifts with others.
West: Path of Introspection--BEAR
Physical aspect of living and the strength that comes from knowing ourselves well.
Bear teaches us about strength of our youth, gifted to help others in the direction of the West.
North: Path of Quiet--DEER
Mental aspect of inner consciousness and wisdom turned outward.
We learn calm and healing in the direction of the North. We learn to be generous and sharing of our gifts and skills to benefit all things in life.

    Wisdom of the Clan Mothers
            Fifth Moon cycle - Day 01
      Grandmother Moon

                                                First Sounds
The very first sound we all hear is the double heartbeat. This allows us to feel a sense of security in the womb because our own heartbeat is echoed by the beating of the heart of our mother, she who carries us for nine moons. When, through birth, we are drawn to the Earth walk, that second heartbeat vanishes. We sense on a deep level that now there is something missing. Many go through life searching for that missing heartbeat.
That missing heartbeat is found when we listen to our Earth Mother and enter the Stillness, called Tiyoweh. In that place of silence, we can hear that small, still voice within our heart, and through this we can rediscover our sense of security and belonging.
The Earth Mothers heartbeat reminds us that we are never alone; that our True Mother, the Earth is always there to nurture us and to give us rest. In return, all she asks is that we stop and listen for that second heartbeat.
Listening Woman, the Clan Mother of the Fifth Moon Cycle, teaches that we can learn much more from listening than we can from speaking. She teaches us that every living thing in nature speaks to us, and it is through our listening to these other life forms that we find relationship, belonging, security and wisdom. If we

Earth Medicine
Wisdom of the Clan Mothers
Fifth Moon cycle - Day 03

Grandmother Moon
Listening to the Heart
One should learn to be like the mountain reaching for Father Sky: silent but watchful, majestic yet still, enduring and reflective. By doing so, you will come to know the inner fire of Earth Mother and see that deep within her breast there is constant creation. This is one of the ways Sacred Mountain teaches the people to listen to the fire in their own hearts.
Listening Woman is the Keeper of Tiyoweh, the Stillness. This Clan Mother of the Fifth Moon Cycle teaches her children how to enter the Silence and how to feed their hungry hearts. The food of the heart is: the passion to create, to be, to understand, to love life, and to continue growth.
All the answers you seek can be found in the Stillness. When you go there, you may hear an echo, do not be afraid, as this is only the second heartbeat, that of our true Mother, the Earth. Hearing that second heartbeat symbolizes that you have found your Sacred Path, and returned home.