The Treaty of Peace and Friendship in Ruby Valley
October 1, 1863 the Ruby Valley Treaty was signed between the Western Shoshone Nation and the Nation of the United States of America.

On October 31, 1864 the Territory of Nevada became the State of Nevada and thus the motto: 'Battle Born' was established because the state was created during the Civil War - or the War Between the States.
How much of the Territory of Nevada was included to comprise the State of Nevada?
When the territory was converted into statehood was the Shoshone Nation taken into consideration?
Were those who endorsed the territory into statehood aware that they had a separate nation running through the middle of the state which embodied over 86% of this territory and was protected by the Ruby Valley Treaty signed previously by the President of the United States?
They had a year to figure it out. What agency did the surveys on these lands and how did they arrive at their conclusion?
Was this the first violation of the treaty by the U.S. Government?
The 1863 Ruby Valley Treaty - "The Treaty of Peace & Friendship" has never been ratified by the President of the United States or the United States Congress with the Shoshone Nation or any of its People. Never!
The changes that have been claimed by the BLM, and as they state - "by the Order of the Courts that the Shoshone People "LOST" their claim's) to their lands by way of "ENCROACHMENT" is not only utterly absurd it is highly illegal. These unities do not have the authority to modify or change any treaty between two nations.
Besides that, the lands are not LOST and the Shoshone still live on them and do so by way of their sovereign rights protected by the 1863 Treaty.
It cannot be stated enough, the President of the United States and the United States Congress are the ONLY ONES, along with the Shoshone Nation that can make any changes or modifications in or to this treaty. THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE.
There has been some controversy amongst some Shoshone tribal members who do not fully understand the content of the 1863 Treaty t
o this day, and many non-Native Americans as well, that what has and is going on in regards to the Dann Sisters, Yowell and others are matters concerning them only as to certain violations claimed by the BLM and other USG agencies.
It is the observance and opinion of this publication that whatever the Shoshone People do on their lands, as protected by the RVT of 1863, cannot be held as a violation in any degree. No matter what people may think that these individuals are doing on Shoshone long as they are not in violation of the is their right. It is the right of all Shoshone People to live on THEIR lands the way THEY choose and not be forced by any government or corporate-jackbooters to do otherwise.
All in all, what this web site publication is attempting to accomplish is unification throughout all of the Shoshone Nation. Like the United States always says: "United We Stand - Divided We Fall". They have done everything in their power to divide, and keep divided, all the Indian Tribes and all the Indian Nations in an effort to nullify their word and signed treaties with any Native American Nation and/or Tribe as a justification to take these lands. When the Native People allow this to happen...they will surely loose the entire battle. Some of the tools that have been used against Native Americans throughout the United States is germ-warfare (small-pox, etc.), alcohol, drugs, diabetes and the list goes on. Therefore, there must be a call throughout all of the Nations to Stand United once and for all. To come together as one. This must be done...and we believe that it must be done soon.
No more bickering amongst the accomplishes nothing...and that's just where they want everyone to be.
Go to your lodges and think about this very long.
When you have done this, step into the sunrise renewed, fresh, alert, healthy and stand strong and proud that You are a member of one of the greatest people to every exist on this entire planet since it was born.
You are still here. Our People are still here. What is Your language? Who are Your People? What is YOUR name?

                                                                                                         Ani-yun-wiya Lakota